Smart Tech: Invest Now, Save Later

In an industry where we are working to become smarter, greener, and stay ahead of the curve, smart technologies are what we should be investing in to help buildings everywhere stay safer, healthier, and economize. (All of which will save you a headache or two down the road!)

What type of smart tech am I talking about? Parts and components for products such as:

  • UV Lighting: These are perfect for disinfecting those hard-to-reach places.
  • Smart Thermostats: These can allow for monitoring IAQ and smart scheduling of systems and reporting.
  • Communicating Room Sensors: These can be anything from “smart” gas transmitters to “smart” pressure transmitters.
  • BACnet Router: Use BACnet to connect networks and allow for better communication between systems so that data can be shared and managed with various equipment working together seamlessly.

The education and enablement of such smart technologies are being championed by some of the biggest names out there. ASHRAE, the AHR Expo, EPA, and OSHA (and Kele 😉) are all big proponents of investing now to save later.

There are a wide variety of other smart tech options that the industry is leveraging as it grows and evolves, and they all help in some way, shape, or form when it comes to an HVAC or BAS system. Education around smart tech will help transform our industry into a more efficient, cost-saving, and green business. Not only are we as a whole working towards helping you help your customers, but we’re working towards helping the global environment which benefits us all!

Haven’t jumped into the fray of smart tech yet? Get started with some of our favorite smart products below or head on over to and start browsing. Need help? Chat with us online at or call today—Kele’s got you covered!

Fan Coil Room Controller
Schiender Electric

Germicidal Lamp
Fresh-Aire UV

PC Software & USB Cable Kit
E Instruments International

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter
Dwyer Instruments

Rain & Snow Sensor

Enclosed BACnet Network Relay
Functional Devices

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