Energize Connecticut Rebates Are Here to Help

Connecticut…are you feeling energized? Well, you should be! New England is leading the charge when it comes to energy efficiency and you’re making statewide waves as a whole already. Energize Connecticut is ready and willing to help each and every one of you continue to excel at being energy efficient.

What the heck is Energize Connecticut?

We’re so glad you asked! (And for those who know, here’s a quick recap.)

Energize CT is all about helping CT make smarter and easier energy choices. It’s essentially an energy conservation program that is state-run and offers a wide range of services to help lower your energy consumption which in turn will help reduce what you spend! (Learn more about sponsors and the program here.)

And the best part? Eligibility for applications ranges from new equipment to replacing end-of-life equipment and even upgrades that result in savings. There’s also eligibility for savings with regard to equipment such as chillers, boilers, VSDs, VFDs, thermostats, economizers, and more. (To learn more about qualifying HVAC and BAS equipment click here.)

You can also:

  • Get financing for energy upgrades to the home
  • Earn large discounts and receive rebates when you buy specific equipment
  • Get incentives for greener energy usage (yep, we’re talking solar power!)
  • Earn subsidized rates on energy-efficient services

We know, it’s A LOT!

Let CCI help you get started on your energy-saving journey today.

The industry is moving towards being greener and more energy efficient each and every day. And Connecticut is working at being an incredible example of what can happen when we all work together to make positive strides toward change. Take advantage of the Energize CT program and let CCI help you navigate the entire process from start to finish. We’re here to help YOU by supporting you with our value-added initiatives and more. Call us today and let us help you find the parts that qualify for maximum money savings and energy savings!

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