Kele Project Services

Kele was founded by contractors for contractors and since then we’ve continued to evolve to best serve you. We know how important it is to make every second on the job site count and that’s why we aim to be your true partner.

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& Tagging


Single Source

Kele is your single source for all your project needs and everything we offer reflects our efforts to support you.

One Product Source

Over 3 million parts in stock
from over 300+ brands
that ship same-day.

One-Call (or Chat) Tech Support

With over 350+ years of combined experience, our technical sales team is ready to help you spec a job or troubleshoot issues from the field.

Value-Added Services

Simplified processes from a single source help you save time and money. Read more about our value-added services here.

One Kele

You’ll deal with fewer POs, invoices, and shipments.

Consolidated Packaging

Why add to the chaos of your job site with hundreds of packages? Say goodbye to multiple shipments and hello to Kele’s consolidated packaging option. Kele offers consolidated packaging so that you can get your order the way you want it–with all products packaged together in one box or on one pallet.

Custom Kitting

 Instead of having to place orders that contain the same parts on a regular basis, we are able to create a special “kit” part number that is customized just for you. We’ll take your unique list of parts and create just one part number for it—helping make it easier when you order. Some of the benefits include: simplifying the ordering process, minimizing errors, streamlining projects, and reducing non-value-added labor costs and tasks.

Staged Deliveries

Get your order staged so you get what you want when you need it. Deliveries will be staged and timed to your project’s schedule. Boxes that clutter your jobsite will be a thing of the past!

Label and Tagging

We’re also able to “tag” the packages of multiple orders for your project with your PO number, job number, and location along with other vital shipping and project specifications. Your boxes will show which building and floor/zone the contents are for.

Plus, when you have a customized order, we’re able to label or engrave to add an extra level of tagging to make your life even easier. Standard labeling is a free service. Custom engraving charges may vary.

Unique Applications

We offer unique applications to make your sourcing a breeze.