Are you choosing the correct flow meter?

Most buildings require some aspect of water flow and, often, BTU measurement. Several different flow sensor techniques can be used depending on need. These include water type, application, accuracy, required measurement, installation challenges, and cost effectiveness. Below is a table to help you determine which technique, product, and installation is most relevant for your project.

Kele offers a variety of products (shown below) from suppliers Badger Meter and Data Industrial that meet all aspects of these flow requirements.

Data Industrial products are designed for flow control and reporting and meet the highest standards in the industry. While a higher accuracy requirement often brings a higher price, Badger Meter flow products offer a robust mix of high-accuracy meters ideally priced for the competitive HVAC application bid environment.

The next time you have a challenging water flow application, call Kele at 877.826.9045 or email us at for technical support to find the right solution at the optimal price!

Figure 1 - HW/CHW

Example shown: 250B Series


Figure 4 - Flow Computer

Example shown: FC5000 Series


Figure 7 - Vortex Meter

Example shown: VN2000 Series


Figure 10 - Magnetic Flow Sensor

Example shown: M-2000 Series


Figure 2 - BTU w/BACnet

Example shown: 3000 Series


Figure 5 - Hot Tap

Example shown: SDI Series


Figure 8 - Ultra-sonic Pipe mounted

Example shown: DE/DB Series


Figure 11 - BTU Meter, 3/4"-2" Pipe, w/BACnet

Example shown: 380 Series


Figure 3 - Irrigation, HW/CHW

Example shown:  220B Series (220SS available)



Figure 6 - Water Meter

Example shown:  RCDL Nutating Disc



Figure 9 - Ultra-sonic w/Transducers

Example shown:  TFX-500W Series



Figure 12 - Portable Flow Meter

Example shown: DXN Series


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