Changes at Kele to Help You Win!

The Kele family has been hard at work making some exciting changes. These changes are driven by our mission.

Our mission is to help you win by simplifying your supply chain and delivering an unrivaled customer experience through personalized solutions, innovative technology, an unparalleled product offering, and world-class logistics.

Here are a few of the changes we are making to help you win:

  • Added one Northeast and two West Coast locations, bringing people and products closer to you
  • Enhanced technology and logistics capabilities to serve you faster
  • Doubling the capacity of our UL panel shop
  • Expanding regional business development team in key markets to help you in person

We want Kele to be your first choice for building automation products and exceed your expectations.  Here is our mission explained further and how we’ve designed our strategy to help you win:

Simplified Supply Chain

  • Unparalleled Product Offering
    We have the products you need in stock, which include 1.8 million parts from 400+ suppliers.
  • World-Class Logistics
    Your expectations have changed; a two-day delivery is now the norm. Kele is investing in strategic distribution locations across the US to get products to you faster.
  • Productivity and Efficiency
    Managing orders, invoices, and shipments from hundreds of suppliers costs you valuable time and money. Kele simplifies the process with one order, one invoice, and one shipment.

Unrivaled Customer Experience

  • Personalized Solutions
    Kele customizes solutions to meet your needs, from product assemblies and UL-approved panels to customized packaging, labeling, and delivery options.
  • Innovative Technology
    Whether you need to order a product on or through your internal technology platform, Kele customizes technology solutions to simplify the way you do business.

We are excited about what’s ahead! Leave feedback below or make suggestions by contacting us today!

2 thoughts on “Changes at Kele to Help You Win!

  1. Thanks for the information. Kele does a really good job with their service, product selection, and if you don’t have it, finding it for me. Distribution and technology are great and needed but all of us in the contracting world have to be competitive. We are always looking for ways/products to make us more competitive so making sure your pricing is competitive is key to helping us. Finding the most competitive price on a certain product is what we look to find. Over the years we have changed model numbers or manufacturers to find a better solution. Keep offering good value products that you think will help us be more competitive.

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