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SDI Series

Badger Meter Flow Sensor with Integral Flow Transmitter SDI Series

Badger Meter Flow Sensor with Integral Flow Transmitter


The SDI Series flow sensor with integrated transmitter is available in either brass or stainless steel. A popular choice in Building Automation Systems, BAS, and HVAC applications, these hot tap stainless steel flowmeters include isolation valve and mounting hardware. These enable flow meter installation and removal while the piping system is pressurized; system shutdown is unnecessary. Hot tap stainless steel models are also available for bidirectional flow measurement. The impeller is rugged and non-fouling and requires no custom calibration. The SDI Series is available with a frequency output, analog output, and scaled-pulse output and the display is optional; programming is done using the A301-20 Programming Kit. Stainless steel models are available with a PEEK (polyetheretherketone) tip for high (up to 300 °F) fluid temperatures.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
SDI-0D1N10-0200 SS 1.5-10 IN PIPE4-20 NO DISPIn Stock3,804.002,130.24
SDI-0D1N11-0200 SS 1.5-10 IN PIPE 4-20 MA DISPIn Stock5,162.002,890.72
SDI-0D1N20-0200 SS 1.5-10 IN PIPE PULSE NO DISPINFO3,804.002,130.24
SDI-0D2N10-0200 SS 12-36 IN PIPE 4-20 NO DISPINFO3,804.002,130.24
SDI-0D2N11-0200 SS 12-36 IN PIPE 4-20 WITH DISPINFO5,162.002,890.72
SDI-0H1N00-0200 SS HT 1.5-10 IN FREQ NO DISPIn Stock3,261.001,826.16
SDI-0H1N10-0200 SS HT 1.5-10 IN PIPE4-20 NO DISPIn Stock4,172.002,336.32
SDI-0H1N11-0200 SS HT 1.5-10 IN PIPE4-20 MA DISPIn Stock5,531.003,097.36
SDI-0H1N50-0200 SS HT 1.5-10 IN 4-20 BI NODISPINFO7,008.003,924.48
SDI-0H1N51-0200 SS HT 1.5-10 IN 4-20 BI DISPINFO8,812.004,934.72
SDI-0H2N00-0200 SS HT 12IN-36IN PIPE FREQ NO DISPINFO3,261.001,826.16
SDI-0H2N10-0200 SS HT 12-36 IN 4-20 MA NO DISPINFO4,172.002,336.32
SDI-0H2N11-0200 SS HT 12-36 IN 4-20 MA DISPINFO5,531.003,097.36
SDI-1D1N10-0200 BRASS 1.5-10 IN 4-20 NO DISPIn Stock2,942.001,647.52
SDI-1D1N11-0200 BRASS 1.5-10 IN 4-20 MA DISPINFO4,301.002,408.56
SDI-1D2N11-0200 BRASS 12-36 IN 4-20 MA DISPINFO4,301.002,408.56
SDI-2D1N10-0200 SS 1.5-10 IN 4-20 NO DISPINFO3,961.002,218.16
SDI-2D1N11-0200 SS 1.5-10 IN 4-20 MA DISPINFO5,319.002,978.64
SDI-2H1N10-0200 SS HT 1.5-10 IN 4-20 NO DISPIn Stock4,329.002,424.24
SDI-2H1N11-0200 SS HT 1.5-10 IN 4-20 MA DISPINFO5,688.003,185.28


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  • Direct insertion or hot tap installation models
  • Fits pipe sizes 1.5" to 36" (3.8 to 91 cm)
  • Low pressure drop
  • Optional 8 character 3/8" (0.95 cm) LCD
  • NEMA 4X enclosure standard
  • Bidirectional flow measurement option with hot tap models
  • Field programmable with optional software

Supply Voltage:8-35 VDC @ 25 mA

Accuracy:± 1% of flow rate

Output Signal:Models with standard frequency pulse, two-wire 4-20 mA @ 750Ω, scaled pulse, or bi-directional (hot-tap models only)

Velocity Range:0.3 to 20 fps (0.09 to 6.1 mps)

Wiring Terminations:Screw terminals

Conduit Connection:1/2" FNPT

Configuration:A-SDI Programming software kit, includes 20' cable

Repeatability:± 0.5%

Display:One line, eight character 3/8" (.95 cm) LCD, annunciators for rate, total, input, output

Installation:Install in straight pipe section with a minimum distance of 10 pipe diameters upstream and 5 pipe diameters downstream to any bend, obstruction or transition

Mounting:1″ MNPT, mount in Thredolet® or pipe saddle

Media Temperature Range:Maximum 300℉ (149℃) for PEEK tip; 180℉ (82℃) for PPS tip

Maximum Pressure:1000 psig (6895 kPa) for stainless steel, 600 psig (4137 kPa) for brass

Pressure Drop:0.5 psid (3.5 kPa), or less, at 10 fps velocity

Materials Of Construction:Polypropylene enclosure with Viton® sealed dacrylic cover, probe and sensor materials vary by model number (see ORDERING INFORMATION)

Operating Temperature:14° to 150℉ (-10° to 65℃)

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 4X

Warranty:1 year