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Badger Meter Recordall® Nutating Disc Meters RCDL Nutating Disc

Badger Meter Recordall® Nutating Disc Meters


The Badger Meter Recordall Model Nutating Disc Series meters meet or exceed the most recent revision of AWWA Standard C700 and are available in a lead-free bronze alloy. The meters comply with the lead-free provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act, are certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 61 and 372 (Trade Designation: M25-LL) and carry the NSF-61 mark on the housing. All components of the lead-free bronze alloy meter (housing, measuring element, seals, and so on) comprise the certified system. Operation: Water flows through the meter's strainer and into the measuring chamber where it causes the disc to nutate. The disc, which moves freely, nutates on its own ball, guided by a thrust roller. A drive magnet transmits the motion of the disc to a follower magnet located within the permanently sealed register. The follower magnet is connected to the register gear train. The gear train reduces the disc nutations into volume totalization units displayed on the register or encoder face. Operating Performance: The Recordall Nutating Disc Series meters meet or exceed registration accuracy for the low flow rates (95%), normal operating flow rates (100 ± 1.5%), and maximum continuous operation flow rates as specifically stated in AWWA Standard C700. Construction: Recordall Nutating Disc Series meter construction, which complies with ANSI/AWWA standard C700, consists of three basic components: meter housing, measuring chamber, and permanently sealed register. The water meter is available in a lead-free bronze alloy with externally-threaded spuds. A corrosion-resistant engineered polymer material is used for the measuring chamber. Connections: Tailpieces/Unions for installations of meters on various pipe types and sizes, including misaligned pipes, are available as an option.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
M25625LNPATSGA M25 BRZ H2O METER, PULSE RTR, GAL, W/ CONNIn Stock642.50359.80
M25625LNPXTSGA M25 BRZ H2O METER, PULSE RTR, GAL, W/O CONNIn Stock562.50315.00
M35751LNSBTSGA M35751, 3/4" PIPE, BRONZE, NORYL, SS, MNPT, SCALEDIn Stock929.00520.24


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