Outside Air is a Critical Breath of Fresh Air for Your Building

Fresh air is a critical component to the health of HVAC systems and buildings overall. The solution to keeping fresh air circulating is ventilation systems that all have one thing in common—their fresh air is outside air. Outside air is the unsung hero in many HVAC systems in keeping your system itself clean and the population within the building safe.

With schools starting up again, more employees returning to business, and healthcare facilities still operating at high capacities, be mindful of fresh air intake!

Outside air, when added to cooling and heating systems, puts checkmarks next to two goals that every system should accomplish:

  • It increases the air quality of the building by refreshing stale or polluted air.
  • It helps to pressurize a building.

The question that comes next is typical, “What’s the cost?” Adding a fresh air inlet to a majority of systems is a relatively low cost and simple to do. For larger systems, the air will enter the system through a vent inlet, either through a sidewall or roof, that is from a clean location outside. In a smaller system, the suction side of an air handler fan is what draws in the outside air. The air then goes through a filter for air quality purposes and then travels through a duct connected to a return plenum.

A well-balanced ventilation system is designed to supply fresh air to the rooms in which occupants spend the majority of their time. In a typical ventilation system, there are two fans and two duct systems. The larger a system is, however, the more fans and ducts there are. When the system is unable to maintain top functionality, it affects the air quality of the building and the health of those inside along with the health of the system.

The EPA suggests that systems use mechanical ventilation in order to avoid pollutants in buildings and ductwork, an excess of moisture, and odor buildup. Fresh air allows for the space to cleanse itself as the air flows through and helps keep down any undesirable air from doing too much damage.

Kele knows that fresh air and the products and parts that deliver it to your HVAC system are in high demand as school and healthcare projects and retrofits, and replacements continue. We can ensure that you get what you need when you need it so that the job gets done without sacrificing health and safety. Contact Kele, chat with a sales or technical rep on kele.com, or shop now and let us help you get everything you need for your project.







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