Employee Spotlight: Catch Up with Christian Kemp

There’s a difference between knowing something and understanding something. Just because you know that a panel is wired doesn’t mean that you understand how to wire it or how it impacts an overall system. Kele techs “get this.” And they show up to work every day ready to gain both knowledge and understanding of their craft so that they may continue to grow as technicians, adding more value to both their teams and the industry.

Christian Kemp is no newcomer to crafting and customizing panels. Before becoming a Panel Tech I with Kele, he built his foundational education with other panel shops. He has been with Kele for two years now and is continuing to broaden his knowledge in relation to panels. He has increased his abilities and learned how to innovate and customize panels in various ways that build upon his prior experience—doing exactly what Kele advocates for in the industry.

The largest influence that Kele has had on Christian’s professional career is the fact that he’s had the ability to continue cultivating his understanding in how things are wired and in turn how that causes them to work. He has enjoyed being able to impart his knowledge and understanding to his team and gain the benefit of their experience in return.

Christian exemplifies the continued cycle of education within the BAS industry by making strides with knowledge and understanding, and Kele is happy to have such a great panel tech on our team!


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