Employee Spotlight: Candid Chit-Chat with Kele Veteran Candy Carpenter

Made in America: How to Affect the Industry Through Action

So many things go into effectively impacting the BAS industry. From furthering education and sharing knowledge to understanding the industry and how customer service can be a game-changer, it seems that the one thing that is shared by all is action. Kele knows that it all boils down to thousands of actions that make up the big picture when in the business of doing what is necessary to help all customers reach their goals. And that’s why Candy Carpenter is a key player for Kele.

Candy has been a Kele associate for more than 23 years. As a Shipping/Production Coordinator, she recognizes the importance of both big and small actions. In fact, that attitude is something she carried over to Kele through her previous experience as an auditor-Inspector. It taught her the importance of doing the job right the first time and valuing the time, labor, and cost-effectiveness that go into that process. That mentality is something that has only grown throughout her time at Kele.

When asked what the most important aspect of her job is, she answered, “Paying attention to details for quality purposes. Production metrics are essential.”

Like Candy, Kele knows that even the littlest of details can affect the biggest of pictures, just as the smallest BAS part can make the biggest impact on the performance of a system. With such thought and focus coming from our associates, we know that we are steadily making strides in the industry because of them. Candy is a valued member of the Kele family, and we know that her impact on us is greater than can be put into words.

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