Finish getting ready for Back to School

It’s almost summer which means that school jobs are right around the corner. It’s time to get back to school ready and get project bids priced now. Break/fix jobs are bound to happen but you’re about to be inundated with retrofits and projects galore. Are you ready to get an A+ on each one?

To do just that you’ll want to stay up to date on state and federal guidelines for schools and universities as well as industry standards.  ASHRAE standard 62.1-1999 is the perfect example of standards you want to be up to date on. It recommends that each person in a classroom receive 15 cu. ft. per minute (cfm) of fresh air and a classroom with 30 people requires a ventilation rate of about 450 cfm.

Between zone requirements and the challenges that HVAC/BAS systems can present in a school and university setting, it almost feels like you’re being set up to fail on your assignment. Don’t wait till the last minute to get your bids in; planning for school projects and retrofits is about to be coming to an end. Hurry!

Plan ahead and let Kele help you stay on schedule and under budget so that you get that A+ on your final project.

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