The three M’s of HVAC

Spring, or “The Pollening” as we call it here in Memphis, has sprung and as HVAC/BAS systems across the country begin the switch from heating to cooling, we here at Kele are looking ahead to see what’s next. So what exactly is up next? Wait for it, now take a dramatic pause, …summer! (We know hotter temps are nothing to be excited about, but we gave it our best shot.)

You’re now thinking, “Well okay Kele, but it’s the end of March. I still have plenty of time before I have to worry about all things summer.” Time flies when you’re busy and before you know it, all the issues that plague HVAC/BAS systems during the hottest time of the year will have arrived along with the summer season. This means that it’s time to refamiliarize yourself with the 3 M’s of HVAC: maintenance, monitoring, and management.


When an HVAC system receives proper maintenance throughout its lifespan, its life expectancy can be anywhere from 15-25 years (give or take a few years here or there). This means that constant and consistent maintenance is needed for it to stay healthy. Here’s a short list of some of the top things your customers should be cognizant of year-round:

  • Testing sensors and thermostats for full functionality
  • Keeping coils, drains, pans, etc., clean
  • Making sure that safety measures are working and still up to date for the system
  • Pressure checks for certain components
  • Inspections of all connections and motor operations


Now to ensure that your system is energy efficient, has clear and unobstructed ventilation, and is in well-working condition, HVAC/BAS system needs constant and consistent monitoring.

By monitoring the system(s), your customer is also able to track the performance of any and all systems, energy consumption and efficiency, and alerts for faults, inefficiencies, and system failures. It will help them be cost-effective and ensure that all problems that pop up are taken care of immediately before they can cause major damage that results in major costs due to system failure(s).


Lastly, put maintenance and monitoring together and you get management. To keep an HVAC/BAS system in peak condition, you must be able to effectively manage systems from top to bottom; being vigilant through monitoring and keeping up with maintenance year-round is imperative for effective management. Without it, your customers are just creating a more complex problem for you to solve at some point and we already know you’re having to do more with less these days.

The 3 M’s of HVAC have you covered year-round (just like Kele does). Encourage your customers to stay on top of all three and get ready for the summer season! Visit today or call and talk with our sales team to prep for staying on schedule and under budget on your next break/fix job or project.

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