Maintain Correct Humidity Levels No Matter What

Being based in Memphis, Tenn., where the humidity feels lethal, Kele knows firsthand how important it is to not only conduct checks on your equipment but to also install the best parts to monitor your systems. Sometimes, you need to increase humidity (something you don’t typically hear in the South). When you mix too much or, yes, too little humidity into the equation, things get dicey. Keeping humidity at bay can be difficult and maintaining a good amount even more so, but when you have the right parts to know where your system and environment stand, the difficulty lessens.

Duct humidity sensors are a system’s best friend when regulating humidity. A hygrometer, or humidity sensor, measures, senses, and reports both air temperatures and moisture. It can be the difference between an HVAC system that is bogged down by too much moisture and one that is operating at peak performance. Most of us are familiar with the negative impact of too much humidity—uncomfortable work environment, equipment failure, etc.

Too little humidity can not only affect the health of your system, but also the building’s and possibly yours! It’s all about finding the happy medium and giving your system enough moisture to thrive while also starving it just enough to keep numerous risks at bay. You’ll have less dust and bacteria build-up, less dryness in the air, better energy efficiency, and a reduction in fire hazards due to a combination of less static electricity, dust, and dryness. These are all things that don’t necessarily run through our minds on a daily basis but make an incredible impact when they show themselves.

From a decrease in lung function to more bacterial and viral buildup, the risks are higher than ever when a system is not properly cared for. Maintaining a good balance with regard to humidity is not easy but when you use the right products, you’re on your way to making life easier and safer for all.

Kele offers a wide variety of duct humidity sensors but one of our favorites is the Kele KHR, KHD, and KHO Series humidity transmitters.  The Kele KHR, KHD, and KHO Series humidity transmitters are specifically designed for use in HVAC/BAS applications. These instruments measure relative humidity from 0% to 100%. The standard two-wire, 4-20 mA output provides low-cost humidity monitoring for building control. The RH transmitter is available with a thermistor or RTD temperature sensors or a 4-20 mA range-able temperature transmitter. They are available in the room, duct, and OSA mounting styles.

The Kele KHR, KHD, and KHO Series are an excellent choice to meet all of your system’s needs when combatting humidity. Contact your Kele sales rep. or live chat them today to order the Kele products you need or shop with us on


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