Winter is here–stay ahead of the freeze!

Seeing temperatures continue to drop? Crossing your fingers that you’re not stuck outside working on a customer’s system this winter? Here’s to hoping that any break/fix or maintenance jobs you’ve got coming up are a breeze.

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the beginning of 2022 is going to be a cold one! Our winter season, which officially began on December 21st, is going to start off mild and then hit hard with cold temperatures and sizable storms that will make their way across the U.S. Get ready to bundle up on the job!

Be mindful of the following components and how much life they still have in them as they go up against the upcoming winter weather:

You’ll be racing against winter weather to get jobs done. Don’t “freeze” up trying to source parts or troubleshoot on the jobsite. If you have questions, call or email Kele’s technical service team for expert advice on anything from inspection to maintenance to replacement. And with our new option for delivery in two days or less to the majority of the U.S., you’ll have what you need fast.

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