Unwanted visitors and the top five associated issues

Let me set the scene. You’re on the job. Your customer is complaining of smells, strange sounds, and other things wrong with their commercial HVAC/BAS system(s). And you know, you just know, you’re about to have a close encounter of the “third kind.” Except instead of UFOs, we mean animals.

Almost everyone in the industry has a story where they’ve found a furry or feathered menace wreaking havoc on their customer’s system(s). And every time you’ve encountered said menace, you’re reminded of all the headaches that can occur and the damages you’ll encounter and have to fix.

We’d be here all day if we discussed every issue that an animal in a system can cause, but here are our top five big-ticket issues that can come from an unwanted visitor:

  1. Blocked/damaged vents, dampers, and exhausts
  2. Frozen refrigerant lines due to damaged insulation
  3. Damaged wiring and connections
  4. Corrosion to evaporator and condenser coils
  5. Damaged ductwork

In these situations, step one is to call in the professionals to remove the animal. (We want pictures/video if you take on the animal yourself, though we don’t recommend it!) Step two is to complete a thorough inspection. Make sure to go over the entirety of the system(s) and always do your due diligence!

We’re not experts in animal control but we are experts in repairing HVAC/BAS issues! Call us or email us to get what you need to quickly fix issues caused by those unwanted interlopers and keep your customers happy.


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