Back to Basics: Damaged Outside Air Damper? Don’t Let It Dampen Your Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for freezestat and coil catastrophes. Yep, winter is finally here for most of the U.S and with it comes winter weather problems.

Cold weather means larger intakes of cold air being funneled through your customer’s system(s). If dampers are damaged, the system will have to work twice as hard, or it will be rendered useless due to system failure. You can pretty much bet that parts will start freezing or malfunctioning as a result. It’s imperative that your customer’s dampers are functioning at 100% at this point.

But heating air and protecting the system relies on more than just the dampers. The system also needs fully functioning CO2 sensors, valves, switches, actuators, freezestats, and more to run smoothly.

In order to avoid the worst this holiday season, it’s important that your customers see to both repairs and retrofits sooner rather than later. Preventative maintenance is your customer’s best bet in keeping the winter weather at bay—so advise them to be proactive rather than reactive.

In case of emergency, outside air (OA) dampers can and will use actuators to save the day and prevent total system failure in some cases. They will close the damper and prevent major costly repairs by stopping parts from reaching their breaking points. (Preventative measures here will keep your customers from fuming—yes, we know the puns are bad at this point but not as bad as a system in disrepair.)

Kele is here for all your winter HVAC/BAS needs so that both you and your customers sail through the winter season this year. Call us or visit and chat with us live to get what you need to succeed this season—Kele’s got you covered.

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