VFDs from Kele: Multiple lines, easy access, trusted source.

Recently, Kele introduced Variable Frequency Drives into our inventory. We partnered with some of the best companies to bring our customers the best VDFs the market offers. Through partnership, we’ve built an offering of powerful and reliable products, developed to the highest quality to meet customer’s motor control needs. Let’s take a look at how each VFD can be utilized for you.

Franklin Control Systems’ VFD boasts reduced installation costs and high reliability with comprehensive inputs/outputs for building automation systems. They are smartstart-patented and have superior motor protection along with electronic overload protection including locked rotor, cycle fault, and maximum time to start (due to mis-sized motor or overload). It also has FLA out-of-calibration indication that ensures installer sets overload correctly based on calculated motor size. And it has two voltage inputs for auto-run and fireman’s override.

Delta’s VFDs have specially equipped HVAC parameters and PID control functions for energy-efficient operation on top of built-in EMC filters for noise suppression. They come with sensor-less vector control (SVC) and simple navigation to make installation easy. It has a 110VAC control transformer, is UL508A rated, and has excellent variable torque control of asynchronous motors.

Honeywell’s VFD is not only sleek, small, and light but is built with a wide array of configurable inputs and outputs. It has hand/off/auto control built into the keypad and has DC choke for harmonic protection. It has fire safety controls and a standard RFI filter and bypass options for safety concerns.

Siemens’ VFD includes not only an intuitive graphic keypad with multilingual display, but also built-in wizards for faster start up and a built-in plain text help/maintenance manual. It has a programmable fire override mode and is ready to communicate to a building management system. For maintenance purposes it has a motor switch ride through – the motor disconnect switch can be opened and closed without stopping or tripping the drive. It has one common interface throughout all power ranges, two built-in PID controllers, and has energy savings with over 97.5% efficiency.

With smart technology and customizable options, our VFD brands offer seamless integration into your building automation system(s). With the brands now carried by Kele, customers have easy access to multiple lines from a trusted source.

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