Tech Talk: I need an explosion-proof control panel with a few pilot lights and…

Q: I’ve been buying explosion-proof enclosures and devices from Kele, and I must say that the Hazardous Locations section of your catalog is a gold mine of hard-to-find products! Now I need an explosion-proof control panel with a few pilot lights and externally operable selector switches mounted on the door of the panel.

Can Kele help me with things like that too? Can I build such a panel in the field?

While explosion proof control stations can usually be field-fabricated, enclosure penetrations are subject to many restrictions. Remember that the goal is to maintain the integrity of the explosion-proof nature of the enclosure. These expensive, hunky boxes must contain an internal explosion without fail, and they must cool the resulting hot gases enough to prevent ignition of the atmosphere surrounding them. Careful planning and lots of time are involved in making certain that the integrity of the enclosure’s rating is maintained. The spacing between penetrations can be critical, and some devices may require a special boss (a thickened portion of the enclosure) to ensure adequate strength and proper gap geometry. The easiest solution is to send Kele your panel drawing, and let us take it from there. Our CXJ Series of custom explosion proof control stations includes factory-mounted operators and other thru-the-cover devices, wired per your specifications, at very competitive prices. Don’t risk a mistake in a hazardous location.


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