The Winter Olympics and Data Center Power

Let the games begin!

The 2018 Winter games have begun! So far, we have seen some terrific skating, spectacular snowboarding, and intense bobsledding. The games have showcased a great deal of technology, and much of it is driven by cloud resources. To ensure everything is executed on time and lights stay on, a tremendous amount of power resources are required.

According to, Atos, the lead system integrator for the games, promised in 2014 that systems crucial to the functioning of the games would be in the Cloud by 2018. And they delivered! In the past, Atos would typically design a new system for each Olympic event, such as skiing. This time, they were able to build systems for all events at once and deliver information and data through the Cloud. This means the Atos system can now deliver results to the media in just 0.3 seconds from the 12 venues that will make up the PyeongChang games.

One question we’d like to ask is “How are they ensuring the lights and power stay on after the show has started?”  We bet they used a variety of power monitoring and temperature control devices. Automation contractors know that real-time monitoring and temperature control are imperative to make sure the equipment within a data center is safe and operating at the optimal conditions. Humidity and air quality control issues are two culprits that could take down a data center.

Kele offers several categories of products which are used to ensure data centers do not fail.  If you are starting your own data center project, we recommend you first begin your venture by selecting the appropriate temperature and duct sensors to make certain your center is protected.

Excerpts of blog provided by Schneider Electric

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