Product Demo: VSI V-Ball Control Valve

Perfect for High-Pressure Steam

Depending on need and scenario, options for control valves are seemingly endless. For steam-related installations, it is important to understand what level of pressure the valve will control. Most steam-related ball valve installations are for low-pressure applications.

If you are dealing with a high-pressure steam application, this ball valve is a perfect solution. The V-Ball Series assures positive, low-leakage control in higher pressure systems, such as those with variable speed pumps. It is ideal for high-temperature and high-range ability applications as well. This valve has a manual operator (handle) at the top.  Most valves Kele offers use actuators instead of handles. There are also many actuator options available.

Watch the product demo to learn more about the Kele V-Ball control valve.

You can learn more about Kele’s wide range of controls valves here.

Kele also offers free customized valve assembly. Our production shop can remove the guesswork.

Should you have questions, contact your sales consultant or our technical service team for assistance.

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