ONEBOX Becomes Part of the RET Legacy with a New Name and New Sizes

Did you know that the legendary RET Series just got a new family member?

The ONEBOX NEMA 4 enclosure has been renamed the RET4 after our popular NEMA 1 legacy series of enclosures. The RET series has been a top choice among Kele customers for more than three decades. It seemed only appropriate that ONEBOX, also a Kele enclosure series, officially add to the RET legacy with a NEMA 4 option.

With a new name comes exciting new sizes! RET4 will now be available in seven unique sizes (14 models in total), all with optional perforated subpanels. The new sizes are as follows:

  • RET4-121806LG – 1.8H x 17.7W x 5.9D (in)
  • RET4-202010LG – 19.7H x 19.7W x 9.8D (in)
  • RET4-393210LG – 39.4H x 31.5W x 9.8D (in)
  • RET4-483210LG – 47.2H x 31.5W x 9.8D (in)

RET4 will retain the same reliable design of NEMA 4 enclosures, offering protection from windblown dust, rain, ice, and hose-directed water. RET4 is perfect for all indoor and/or outdoor applications and provides a safe space to mount electrical instruments, controllers, and power supplies with interconnecting wiring.

Shop the RET4 Series here.

Explore the RET4 series today for your next enclosure need!

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  1. I can say that it is kind of another supporting system that needed to run the pumping system. I would like to know if is possible to fit waterproof enclosure along with these systems. Please do let us know more in details.

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