Keep the Heat in HVAC

Cold weather is here and with it comes the perils of low outside air temps that typically bring catastrophe with them. Don’t let Jack Frost catch you or that HVAC/BAS system off guard this winter season! Make your winter maintenance checklist and check it twice to ensure proper operation. Here are some helpful tips to get your checklist started!

  • Properly check freezestats & low limit cutoffs for correct operation
  • Check and inspect outside air dampers (including their actuators/linkages)
  • Replace filters
  • Inspect coils
  • Clear/empty drain traps, lines, and pans
  • Inspect all electrical connections
  • Check thermostats and update based on occupancy levels
  • Clean and ensure clear ventilation ducts

Above all else, keep up with inspections and the results they yield. Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping the heat in HVAC this winter. You want to avoid a problem such as freezing/bursting air handler coils which will cause major issues that incur major costs. Keep customers happy this season by catching potential problems before they happen!

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