• Thermostats and Controllers  

    Thermostats and Temperature Control

    Are you looking to buy a thermostat for your HVAC and BAS needs? If yes, look no further than Kele. Our wide range of thermostats and temperature control systems help you source any project quickly and efficiently. You can choose from programmable, non-programmable, communicating, mechanical and digital thermostats and controllers from various leading manufacturers. Shop online from leading brands such as Honeywell, TAC, Fuji, Johnson Controls, etc.  
  • When you're buying a set of thermostats and temperature control monitors, make sure that you're very clear about your requirements. Thermostats are available at different price ranges and boast of various features. Some of these can be controlled electronically via Wi-Fi and there are others that are purely mechanical and cannot be controlled remotely. 

    Why Kele for your Thermostats?

    Technical Help Just a Call Away

    If you ever experience trouble during installation and setup of thermostats, Expert help is just a call away. All you have to do is get in touch with our in-house technical team and we’ll be able to assist you with any BAS or HVAC problem you experience.

    Always stocked

    We have the largest inventory of BAS products. You'll never ever worry about finding spare parts for the products you buy. One of the main reasons why contractors keep choosing Kele over and over again is because of our reliability. We always have the products you need when you need it.