Highlights from ASHRAE’s School Return Guidelines

Part of Kele’s ongoing effort to help you stay informed—especially during this time of uncertainty and “a new normal”—is to share updated industry standards and guidelines. As schools make final plans and decisions on when to open back up for the fall, questions remain around where to focus projects, retrofits, and equipment upgrades. The goal is to implement as many safeguards as possible while the pandemic is still ongoing. ASHRAE recently released a guidebook formulated to help schools retrofit and plan for the improvement of indoor air quality and to slow the transmission of viruses via the HVAC systems.

Below we’ve highlighted a few items that may impact the way you currently work on the job: 

  • Increase your filtration loads. Double-check your equipment and VFDs in order to handle the load increase.
  • Increase your outside air, and ensure the economization and dampers are working accurately. Ventilating the virus’s aerosol out of your facilities is critical.
  • Maintain 68-72 degrees, 40-60 RH, and capture the measurements.
  • Turn off Demand Control Ventilation.
  • Isolate the nurse’s station.
  • Be on top of your maintenance.

The full guidebook can be downloaded here.

The July 22 update also includes guidance for higher education institutions, including student health facilities, labs, residence halls, athletic facilities, and large assembly and lecture halls.

Protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the world’s students from the spread of infectious disease is essential to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the entire population. As an industry partner, Kele will continue to expand on information and helpful guidelines to ensure the safety of our communities. Should you have any questions about the ASHRAE guidelines or what products to use during this time, please reach out to us by calling Kele, emailing info@kele.com, or via Live Chat.

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