Employee Spotlight: Meet Mack Moss

Education in the industry is paramount to its continued success and the success of those who chose to work within it. That’s why Kele prides itself in keeping the cycle of knowledge ever turning when it comes to the BAS/HVAC world. We want there to be open communication and continued education between our veteran associates and our new associates. When we are able to foster high ideals of mentorship, we are able to better ourselves, our products, and our processes constantly; that way not only do we evolve and grow as the business does but so do our employees.

Mack Moss has been building custom panels for more than two decades. He is a panel tech II in Kele’s custom panel shop and has been part of the Kele family for more than eleven years. Prior to his time at Kele, he spent ten years working with panels at Allen Bradley and Astronautics.

While at Kele, he’s continued to increase his knowledge and learn new things on a daily basis. He has also been able to grow and gain experience with his team, all of which he passes along to new associates and panel techs. Our panel techs pride themselves on knowing where the panels they build end up, like New York’s subway systems.

“I enjoy the fact that panels I’ve built help create a bigger picture and help the overall performance of entire systems,” said Mack.

Helping out his team and growing as a professional have positively impacted Mack and, in turn, allow him to positively impact those he comes into contact with through his work.

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