Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know Jim Luke-Gipson

Continued education in the BAS industry doesn’t end with a class or certification or growing one’s knowledge and understanding. It continues on in how employees think and how they problem solve to best serve customers every day. Kele Founder Roger Johnson knew this well—often building custom solutions for customers when what they needed was not available.

Jim Luke-Gipson is a Label Engraver who has been a part of the Kele Family for four years now. Jim has learned to value accuracy and customer perspective through her job, and it has made all the difference in how she tackles her work each day. She has applied years of retail experience and truly put the customer first in her role at Kele.

When asked what she has learned at Kele, Jim said, “More than I can ever put into a sentence.”

Taking the Label Engraver position was a turning point for Jim professionally. It has allowed her to work within a team that learns from her and in return pushes her to learn from them. Kele’s customer focus has been something that she is in lockstep with, and she continues to learn more about herself and from her team and customer interactions every day.

Kele is proud to have such a customer-oriented member on the team and knows that Jim’s commitment to excellence and incredible customer service helps to elevate Kele within the industry and carry on the customer-first legacy established decades ago.


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