UV Disinfection Funding

It’s finally time to dive into UV disinfection funding. Wait…did you miss last month’s blog about the importance and helpfulness of UV disinfection solutions?

Then STOP! Do not pass go and collect $200…yet. Read up on UV disinfection here and then come back! Alright—you’re all caught up now? Fantastic! Now, where was I?

Ah yes…the importance of UV disinfection funding. Because you know what’s important when it comes to HVAC? Saving money when and where you’re able. So let’s discover how you can save money when working with UV disinfection solutions.

Why has funding been made available?

The industry is constantly innovating and growing. As technology surges ahead, we are discovering that there are multitudinous ways to create healthy clean air in facilities. UV disinfection solutions are an area with some of the more recent technological advancements made in regard to upgrading HVAC systems for the better. And with technological advancement comes funding to aid in implementing new components.

The Center for Green Schools published a report* that speaks to the UV funding that has been made available in the wake of COVID-19 in the form of the American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER III or ARP-ESSER) for schools and universities. Here are a few key findings straight from their report:

*This report contains datasets with information from school districts across all 50 states and Washington D.C.*

  • About half of the school districts they interviewed and analyzed are committing a portion of funds to installing UV lights for disease mitigation, upgrading/improving HVAC systems, repairing systems where needed to reduce health risks, and replacing windows, doors, and roofs as needed.
  • They discovered that schools are using around $5.5 billion to improve air filtration, which is the second-highest category of spending.
  • Of the over 2,000 school districts that planned to spend on facilities improvements, large school districts planned to spend the lowest percentage (an average of 22%) and small districts planned to spend the highest percentage (an average of 30%) of their total allocation.

What funding is available to me?

Federal funding is being made available through the Inflation Reduction Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and the American Rescue Plan to name just a few of the larger UV funding platforms. (For more information head to Better Air In Building’s Federal Funding Page.) All of these funding initiatives are charged with helping maintain or lower costs and create energy efficiency.

As our industry continues to move into the future with the intention of best serving our customers, UV disinfection is a beneficial option that can and will work in many different scenarios. For additional resources about keeping your building or facility clean with UV, read about up-to-date standards and practices on the CDC’s site.

And for help choosing the right UV parts and components for your facility or building that are eligible for funding, Kele is here to get you what you need. Head on over to kele.com to shop from our current UV solutions and enjoy up to 75% off select parts and components. Kele’s got you covered!

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