UV Solutions for HVAC Systems

Is your building or facility plagued by mold, viruses, bacteria, or other microscopic organisms? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. There are at least 45 million buildings in the United States alone that have unhealthy levels of mold and other microorganisms at any given time.

With people more susceptible to allergens from poor indoor air quality (IAQ) these days, it is imperative that air pollution is dealt with immediately. And while you may not have much control over outdoor air quality, you can ensure that your building or facility’s IAQ is healthy.

But it’s just mildew, right?

As of 2021, the World Health Organization estimates that around 3.8 million deaths are due to poor IAQ each year. In fact, exposure to air pollutants dramatically increases our risk of falling prey to cancers, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and more.

Combat poor IAQ.

So what exactly can stand up to such tiny but mighty organisms? The answer: Ultraviolet disinfection (sometimes known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation or UVGI). UV light has been shown to kill mold, viruses, and bacteria from as early as 100 years ago. Because it is so effective in the sterilization of certain organisms, it’s used today in hospitals, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and more.

What are the benefits of Ultraviolet Germicidal Disinfection?

  • Maintenance & Energy Savings
    • Decrease pressure drop up to 10%
    • Increase heat transfer efficiency up to 14.5%
    • Decrease HVAC/R energy use up to 25%
    • Decrease microbial growth up to 90%
    • Increase in cost-savings for maintenance
  • Fights Mold, Germs, Allergens, & Odors
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Cleaner Central Air System
  • Chemical-Free Disinfection
  • Safe & Effective

Like any other HVAC part or component, having a working system is worth the cost associated (because no one wants to have to deal with taking duct work apart to try and find the mold and mildew and scrub it clean). What exactly are those costs? There are four general costs associated with germicidal HVAC lights:

However, there are solutions and additional funding available to help with these costs. Tune into next month’s eNews where we break down the UV funding available and how it works.

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