Summer Project: Boiler Edition

Whew—temps and humidity have hit the U.S. hard these past two weeks. If you’re not feeling it—that means that your HVAC/BAS systems are working as intended! (Cue happy dance!)

If your customer is one of the “cool” ones, then it’s a great time to talk about starting the boiler install or retrofit they are due for.

Now, which boiler is best?

For an install, it all comes down to what type of building and need your customer has. Commercial boilers are some of the most diverse that are offered. Ideally, they work best in universities, schools, hospitals, office buildings, and more. They typically work off natural gas, propane, non-fueled electric, or light-oil which provides hot water/steam.

If your customer needs high efficiency, condensing boilers are where it’s at. These units have an efficiency of 98-99% and are fueled by oil or gas. Need quiet, compact, and clean? Then electric boilers are what they’re looking for. Other types to keep in mind are firetube boilers, watertube boilers, industrial watertube boilers, non-condensing boilers, or electrode types of boilers.

Retrofits can save the day!

If your customer can’t afford a new boiler or if their system just needs a fix or upgrade, a boiler retrofit is a perfect option. The number one goal in every retrofit scenario is to increase the overall efficiency of the system. These retrofits will give your customer energy savings and cost savings.

Whether your customer is going for a completely new system or a budget-friendly retrofit, Kele is here to help. Visit now or call today to get exactly what you need.

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