Kele Solutions for Gas Detection in Mechanical Rooms

Why is it important to have gas detection products in place? Well, between monitoring oxygen levels for people and animals, gas detection sensors and products can also be used to warn against unsafe levels of combustible, flammable, and toxic gases.

Typically, most sensors are programmed to detect oxygen (O2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), and flammable gases or vapors (LEL). These sensors work by producing an electric current that can be measured when it detects a chemical reaction caused by the gas.

Just like us, sensors can be poisoned by the very gases they are tasked with detecting. It is important to regularly test them using calibration and bump-testing to ensure optimal performance. Because these sensors are so sensitive, it is important to maintain and replace them as needed.

Sensors and controllers are installed and utilized in various places. One critical application is in mechanical rooms. This is due to the variety of gasses that can be present in those locations. The 301-EM-US3-K — part of the Kele-branded 301EM-K Series gas detection system—is just one of the many Kele products that are perfect to help get the job done.

The301-EM-US3-K is a controller for up to twenty sensors. These sensors are in place to detect refrigerant, toxic gases, and combustible gases. The refrigerants displace oxygen and are deadly, so they are monitored for safety’s sake.

Typically, the main product it competes against is a sample/draw system (which pumps air from the space). Several advantages of the301-EM-US3-K system over a sample/draw include:

  1. Real-time readings (sample/draw systems have a delay in this regard)
  2. No pump to possibly fail
  3. Sensors can be replaced (whereas you have to replace a whole sample/draw system if it fails)
  4. Instantaneous knowledge of a possible failed sensor

Kele offers a variety of gas sensors, detectors, and controllers. The301-EM-US3-K along with any Kele sensor and gas detection products are excellent choices to keep all your bases covered and help keep the guesswork out of the equation. Contact your sales representative today to order the Kele products you need to keep your job moving.

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