Kele Delivers for a Project on the Edge of the Galaxy

Very recently in a theme park in a state not too far away …

It is a series of products from Kele: Flow meters, sensors, and temperature transmitters for compressed air systems that our teams have installed. Kele ally Advanced Environmental Systems & Core Controls, Inc. has won a new victory in providing for a mouse-loving park in Florida with the help of Kele, as a custodian of the various parts needed to bring joy across the Galaxy’s edge.


The Advanced Environmental Systems and Solutions battle plan:

If you need to form a BAS alliance, need product reinforcements, or advice from a master, Kele will always be with you. With 50 expert sales associates and a massive in-house inventory of 1.8 million parts from 300+ suppliers, Kele can fill your next galactic order or entire BOM.

If you would like to contact us today, please email us, call us at 877.826.9045, or use the Force.

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