Kele Fulfills Order to International Space Station

Kele’s mission is to help customers win through an unrivaled customer experience and world-class logistics. An example of this constant commitment is the recent fulfillment of Bacharach 6401-0503 refrigerant leak detectors for the International Space Station.

Years before, a customer purchased refrigerant detectors from Kele, and those parts were installed on board the International Space Station. This year, it came time to replace the original parts. NASA specifically requested that Kele be the resource to fulfill the request. Lucky for NASA, Kele stocks more than 1.8 million parts in our on-site distribution center, and the Bacharach parts they needed were available to be shipped right away!

We can proudly say that we not only offer “world-class” logistics to help our customers win,  but “out-of-this-world” logistics as well!


The Bacharach 6401 Series is capable of detecting the presence of escaping refrigerants. It is model-specific for five different CFC refrigerant types: R-22, R-123, R134A, R-407A. The 6401 Series is designed to be used as part of a control system that helps to prevent the formation of a hazardous environment when properly installed and maintained.

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Backed by more than 50 expert sales associates, and a massive in-house distribution center, Kele stocks 1.8 million parts from 300+ suppliers. We can fill your next “out-of-this-world” order or your entire project BOM.

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