Get to Know the Kele E-Stop ESB

Contact Blocks are Here to Stay

Emergencies happen in facilities and with equipment. It is inevitable. This is why emergency stop buttons exist within the BAS industry. They activate emergency stop sequences, thus reducing further hazards to people, systems, and the functions of those systems that are in progress.

So what emergency stop buttons should you be using? Your specific need will determine your selection. Kele offers a variety of emergency operator stations and other alarms and indication devices.

With or without a contact block?

One thing you’ll need to consider is when you order an operator station, you need to ensure that you also get a contact block(s). The Kele tech team often fields calls from customers who have a new operator station in hand but no contact block. This is a critical component because, without a contact block, you don’t have a fully functional station.

So what does a contact block do? It is a normally open contact for the purpose of monitoring its attachment to the actuator. Contacts ensure that the station is always operational and ready for an emergency situation—to shut down vents, units, etc. to contain an event and mitigate a larger disaster. A good example: if a fire breaks out in a building and the stop button is pressed, the contact closes, relaying to the actuator and controller that there is an issue and to shut things down.

This is where the Kele E-Stop ESB Series comes into play. Kele removed any “guesswork” and installation delays by including a contact block standard.

The E-Stop ESB Series also offers a highly-visible method to shut down equipment, initiate alarms, or give controller input during emergency conditions. Operation occurs with the breaking of the lens and then pushing the red push-button inside. Once the emergency is subverted, you can reset the station with a pull or twist of the button, depending on the button style

Don’t forget a cover!

And where there are emergency stop buttons, there are stopper covers. In fact, most stop buttons are required to have one. Kele carries both the Kele Universal Cover and the STI Universal Stopper Covers, which are both great options for the ESB Series. These covers are ADA compliant and protect against vandalism, accidental damage, dust and grime, and severe environments both inside and out.

The Kele E-Stop ESB is in-stock, cost-effective, and Kele has inventory on each component—including the lenses, which are made here at Kele. And you’ll get same-day shipping, expert technical support, and it will be under warranty. It’s everything your building will need to help keep it safe and prepared for emergencies. Call today or shop online at—and let Kele help keep you covered when you need to stop a BAS system emergency.

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