Candid Conversations with Kele Suppliers: Dwyer Instruments

Supplier partner Dwyer Instruments visited Kele earlier this month. Dwyer President Mark Fisher chatted with Kele CEO Richard Campbell about few key topics that will interest Kele customers. Watch this brief video and hear the latest on the Kele-Dwyer partnership, solutions for tariffed products, and Dwyer’s new Series IEF Insertion Electgromagnetic Flow Transmitter.

Listen to Dwyer President Mark Fisher discuss updates with Kele CEO Richard Campbell.

  • Kele is in the process of expanding its inventory of Dwyer SKUs to around 2,500 SKUs.
  • Kele has responded to tariffs with a product matching solution on, complete with direct and functional product alternatives. Dwyer is elevating solutions with no tariffs.
  • Kele recently added Dwyer’s new IEF Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter, a field-programmable flowmeter specifically designed to offer superior performance paired with simple installation and use.
    • Long life cycle
    • +/- 1% accuracy
    • Adjustable unit fits pipe sizes from 4” to 36”
    • Optional LCD display
    • BACnet and Modbus communication in addition to the standard analog, frequency, and alarm outputs
    • Performance unaffected by temperature, density, or viscosity

Stay tuned for Kele’s next Candid Conversation!

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