Basic Maintenance to Beat the Summer Heat

Are your customers’ HVAC/BAS systems ready to beat the heat?

It’s that time of year again. Spring is hanging on for dear life but summer temperatures are ramping up. That means that those systems are about to be pushed to the limit.

Here are some basic maintenance reminders to ensure that high temps don’t do your customers’ systems and buildings in:

  • Make sure dampers are opening/closing correctly
  • Clean coils and drain/drip pans
  • Ensure ducts are clean and free from any obstructions
  • Make sure that all sides of the unit are clean and free from any debris that may have accumulated around it
  • Check occupancy levels and adjust thermostats as necessary to accommodate said levels
  • Ensure all vents are clear and clean
  • Check lines and wiring

Basic maintenance is a must! Don’t let your customers wait until their systems are in disrepair to have you work on them. Seasonal checks will be their best friend when it comes to basic maintenance. (And yours as well so you won’t be overwhelmed by the amount of work they want you to do in what will end up being a very small timeframe.)

Don’t let your customers’ systems get beat by the heat! Call us or shop with us on now to get all the parts you need to help keep your customers’ systems cool.

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