Back to Basics: Why ACH is Important in Healthcare Facilities

What is ACH you ask? And why is it important? Well, ACH stands for air changes per hour. With Covid-19 spikes continuing to occur and flu cases surging during its yearly occurrence, correct ACH is more important than ever.

ACH is the measurement of how many times a certain volume of air in a space is added, removed, or exchanged with filtered air. In order to calculate the correct change rate per hour for a space, you must first work out the volume of said space. That is done by multiplying the length by the width by the height of the space. Then, to calculate how many air changes per hour are needed, you multiply the incoming air and/or supply airflow rate (in units of cubic feet per minute) by 60 minutes per hour. Once you’ve done that, you divide that number by the volume of the space. An air change is considered to have been completed when all of the air in the space has been replaced.

With volatile organic compounds (VOCs) running rampant through healthcare facilities, having accurate ACH is essential to ensuring the health of a building and the people inside of it. It is one of the top fixes to ridding facilities of all pollutants and ensuring IAQ standards have been met. (For more information about IAQ standards, click here.)

Kele has all the parts you need to ensure correct ACH and your ability to monitor it. Call and let one of our sales or tech experts give you a hand or shop now on—Kele’s got you covered.

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