Back to Basics: Pneumatic Edition

It’s that time of year again! Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and some of you have even experienced snow and other freezing conditions already. Why is this worth mentioning? Because it’s time to start thinking about your customers’ pneumatic systems and any maintenance it may require.

The most important aspect of maintaining pneumatic systems, controls, or thermostats is regular maintenance. This ensures that the air supply is reliable due to controls being operational. It also allows for clean, hazard-free air that is safe and dry. If one part malfunctions or breaks, it can cause failure for the entire system, due to the many components that are a part of its makeup.

Convincing your customers to upgrade before breakage occurs can be difficult. Why replace an actuator or valve that is still functional, right? We know that you know better! Getting ahead of the curve in this aspect can be hard to do but with winter just around the corner, it’s better to be safe than sorry in certain scenarios. (Especially when you’ll be the one trying to fix it in freezing temps to save your customer from complete system failure!)

Because these systems rely on so many different components, i.e., sensors, thermostats, actuators, and more, it can be daunting to complete maintenance and source the parts you need for success at the same time. That’s where Kele comes in. We want to help make your life on the jobsite easier. Call us today or chat with us online and let us help you troubleshoot while you’re on the job or source the part you need. We’ve got you covered so you can keep your customers happy! Shop our complete pneumatic offerings here. Call or chat with us live on today—Kele’s got you covered.

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