Back to Basics: Don’t Forget These Summer Maintenance Tips for Keeping Cool All Season Long

Summer heat. We wish for it all winter long and then it hits us out of nowhere and HVAC systems everywhere are put to the test. The heat, and the strain it puts on systems, make keeping up with basic maintenance a necessity. This is especially true with commercial buildings. And with many headed back into these buildings to work, the strain their HVAC systems might face just increased. So here are some basic summer maintenance tips that will keep systems in great health and beating the heat all summer long.

  • Keep up with air filters. Pollen tends to be a spring problem but is just as likely to affect a system during the summer as well. If the environment contains a large number of airborne particles such as pollen, dust, fibers, etc., then it’s better to be safe than sorry by checking filters regularly.
  • Inspect ductwork. If a system has damage, more than likely, the cool air that those in the building would appreciate on a hot day is rushing out via leaks. This can cause the system to work harder to cool the building, meaning more energy consumption which can lead to higher costs.
  • Keep units clean and clear of debris. Systems need clean and steady airflow in order to operate correctly. Help them achieve maximum operating capacity by keeping them clean from dust, dirt, and debris.
  • Inspect coils and condensate. With coils dispelling the hot air and the condensate drains keeping up with the humidity—both are vital parts that need to be in excellent condition. Both can cause leaks if not properly cared for.

Sometimes the obvious steps are overlooked, and these are not the complex, commercial BAS/HVAC that Kele techs typically help troubleshoot. That’s exactly why we’re passing them along as a friendly reminder. They are important.

Remember, by keeping up with the 3 M’s of HVAC, maintenance, monitoring, and management, not only will it keep you ahead of the many break/fixes you’re sure to encounter with your system and controls, but your customers will be getting the best service around thanks to you! And if the heat here in Memphis is anything to go by—your customers’ systems probably need a little extra TLC this season. If you do need sensors, actuators, thermostats, and more this season, call today or shop online at Kele’s got you covered with inventory ready to ship today.

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