Mass Save® Rebates Are Here to Help

Massachusetts…a state that is leading in energy efficiency. And surrounding states aren’t far behind them. Why you ask? Because Mass residents and business owners are taking part in Mass Save.

Mass Save?

What is Mass Save? This program was born out of a need and want to help the residents and businesses across Massachusetts save money and create a community that is focused on sustainability through energy efficiency. Because of this, certain sponsors have come together to help by offering this program and other services for all things HVAC and BAS.

Eligibility for application ranges from new equipment to replacing end-of-life equipment and even upgrades that result in savings. There’s also eligibility for savings regarding equipment such as chillers, boilers, VSDs, VFDs, thermostats, economizers, and more. (To learn more about qualifying HVAC and BAS equipment click here.)

With an economy that is giving people no other choice but to try and save as much as they can—now is the time to start investing in savings. When you take part in Mass Save, not only are you doing your part to create a healthier environment that operates on sustainability, but you’re saving money by cutting costs.

CCI is here to help you save energy and money.

The industry is moving forward by being green, and Massachusetts is setting an incredible example. Take advantage of the Mass Save program and let CCI help you navigate the Mass Save process. We’re here to help by supporting YOU with our value-added initiatives and more. Call us today at 781-335-8353 and let us help you find the parts that qualify for maximum money savings and energy savings!

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