Winter weather & break/fix needs. Are you ready?

Happy Halloween folks! Man oh man has this year just flown by. And we know you have been busier than ever! (How do we know? We’ve seen your orders. Some of your customers became your best friend this year with all the break/fix business they had you doing, didn’t they?)

And speaking of break/fix jobs…we know that going into the end of the year (especially the upcoming holiday season) things will go wrong and you’ll need hard to find parts quickly. What types of parts are we talking about? Any and all parts that have to do with:

Why you ask? Because the end of the year brings with it a season of freezing temperatures that tend to cause chaos for your customers’ systems. This means that pipes and coils freeze, thermostats break, boilers malfunction or fail to work due to issues like pilot lights not igniting, and so on and so forth. And with the high temps, a lot of your customers’ systems had to battle, many systems are going to need maintenance to make sure they are fully operational and ready for the stress that cold weather will bring.

As the year continues to fly by and you get busier in your personal life, make sure you’re prepared for all things winter-related and stay organized when it comes to sourcing for upcoming break/fix and servicing jobs. Don’t wait until the last minute to find a single source that will be able to handle all your last-minute needs.

Call Kele today or shop with us online at and get exactly what you need without all the hassle. Kele’s here to help and we have you covered.

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