Easily Configure Valve Sizes Fast!

Taking time to size a valve correctly saves you time, money and yourself a headache!

Picking the right size leads to performance

Our goal is to find the valve with the best control for your specific application. The Cv, or coefficient of flow of the valve, plays a big part in the valve’s performance. A valve that is sized correctly has accurate flow control, lasts beyond its expected life span and does not leak.

All you need to size a valve is the GPM and pressure drop! Calculate the Cv with this equation:

CV = coefficient of flow, GPM = flow rate in gallons per minute and ∆P = differential pressure

Selecting the wrong size results in complications

When a valve is too small, you won’t get enough flow, and the system will be forced to compensate by raising the head pressure of the pump. This causes higher differential pressure across your valve. The sudden drop in pressure causes cavitation and affects the life of the valve. The vibration and turbulence wears out the seals, which results in leaks.

Did you know most engineers oversize a pump by as much as 15% to cover for this type of mistake?
That doesn’t mean you should be lax when sizing your valve though!

When a valve is too big, the main problem is controllability. The system has to compensate with a balance valve. You may see close to 50% reduction in flow, depending on how oversized a valve is, which means if you are modulating the valve, the control loop will have to drastically change. This will wear out the valve and actuator prematurely, increase flow above desired rate and result in poor heat exchange.

Working with Kele is a smart choice

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