Much Anticipated WebStat Controller and Thermostats Now Available

We’re always adding new products to our lineup here at Kele. As the leading supplier of building automation products, we have partnership with more than 300 great manufacturers worldwide.  And, our newest catalog has added over 130 product groups and is more than 12000 pages. If you don’t have a copy, you can request a copy online.

Few new products, however, are generating as much excitement as the Honeywell WebStat Controller and T7350H Thermostats and Sensors we’ve just added to our inventory.

In my opinion, this is a game changer for HVAC and Building Automation companies looking to source this popular web-enabled controller that allows the system manager to monitor and control up to 20 thermostats and sensors using the internet.

Our customers have been asking for a solution like this for years. We’re delighted that Kele can sell these products and ship anywhere in the U.S. Now our customers can buy the WebStat and compatible thermostats and sensors from us, and get Kele’s same-day shipping and legendary technical support.

We sold one of these controllers the first day it was available and we hadn’t even launched it yet. Some of my colleagues have asked me why the customer demand for WebStat and its communicating thermostats and sensors is so great.

I tell them WebStat provides a way for our customers to step up from standalone thermostat control to web-enabled monitoring and control of multiple thermostats without incurring any excessive cost or complexity. Wireless device options and automation features, such as alarming, trending, scheduling and network accessibility, combine to deliver significant operational savings through remote monitoring, alarming, floor plan visuals and user privileges.

User friendliness is also a big plus for WebStat installers and users. It makes remote control simple and convenient by allowing Internet accessibility and flexibility for assigning user privileges. A single WebStat system can support up to 20 T7350H thermostats and sensors, so it offers ideal control for a wide range of building types and styles.

Because WebStat lets you track everything from temperature and humidity, to discharge air temperature and outdoor air temperature, users can remotely troubleshoot and monitor their entire system. They can preset alarms to notify designated people in the event of an unwanted change, helping to catch problems early and reduce downtime.

While many thermostats limit programming to a 7-day schedule, this system offers 365-day programming allowing users to easily maximize energy savings. Programming can mirror the building’s occupancy schedule without requiring special changes for holidays and events. The user can create up to 10 unique schedules to meet a variety of scheduling needs.

Many customers see the extra value in purchasing Honeywell WebStat and T7350H Thermostats and Sensors through Kele because they know Kele will have it in stock, ship it the same day and bundle it into a single invoice with any other purchases from the other more than 300 manufacturers’ available through Kele. Plus, Kele’s seasoned techs are always just a phone call away.

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