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Butterfly Valve (BFV), 2, 3-way, Cv 115




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product specifications


115 CV


Non-Spring Return

Supply Voltage

120 VAC





Trim Material

Stainless Steel


2 in

Control Signal

Modulating, Aux Switch, NEMA 4/4X

Actuator Type


product series specifications

  • Size: 2 thru 20
  • Cv: 115 thru 27908 (See ordering)
  • Mounting Flange: ANSI Class 125/150 lug style flanges
  • Maximum Closeoff Pressure:
    • Undercut Models (HDU): 50 psid (345 kPa)
    • Full Disc (HD): 200 psid (1380 kPa)
  • Pressure Rating: 200 psig (1379 kPa) @ -30° to 275°
  • ASME/ANSI Class 125/150
  • Materials Of Construction:
    • Valve Body: Ductile iron ASTM A536 (with epoxy powder finish)
    • Seat: EPDM
    • Shaft: 416 stainless steel
    • Disc: 304 stainless steel
    • O-ring: EPDM
    • Bushings: RPTFE
  • Media Compatibility: Hot or chilled water, up to 60% glycol
  • Media Temperature: -22° to 250° (-30° to 120°)
  • Supply Voltage: 24 VAC/VDC (Belimo direct-coupled); 24 VAC or 120 VAC (SY Series)
  • Control Signal: Two-position, floating or proportional 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA
  • Actuator Type: Spring Return/Fail Safe (SR), Non-Spring Return (NSR)
  • Manual Override: All models have manual override
  • Operating Temperature: -22° to 122° (-30° to 50°)
  • Enclosure Rating: NEMA 2 and NEMA 4 enclosed (Belimo direct-coupled actuators); NEMA 4/4X (SY Series industrial actuators)
  • Warranty: 2 years

product series features

  • Advanced seat and disc design provide bubble-tight shutoff while maintaining a low seating torque
  • Standard rotary actuators, or industrial grade NEMA 4 actuators for a variety of application requirements
  • Internal valve body five bushing design isolates the valve body from the shaft resulting in better control
  • Standard stainless steel disc and shaft for strength, durability and long-lasting operation

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Series Description

The Belimo F6, F7 Series butterfly valves fulfill the requirements of commercial and industrial HVAC applications requiring positive shutoff for water. Applications include chiller isolation, cooling tower isolation, change-over systems, large air handler coil control and bypass, and various water distribution and storage systems. The F6 assemblies are two-way and the F7 are three-way flow patterns. Undercut disc assemblies, designated by 'HDU' in the part number have a maximum close-off of 50 psid, and full-cut models, designated by 'HD' part number, have full 200 psid close-off rating. Small size valves are available with economical Belimo rotary actuators and all sizes are available with industrial grade, NEMA 4 actuators, to meet most application requirements. Other sizes, assembly combinations, connection types, and materials of construction are available.

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