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product specifications




26 CV



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1 in

product series specifications

Size: 1/2" to 3" FNPT (three-way to 2-1/2½)

Cv Range: 0.38 to 266

Body Pattern: Two-way and three-way (mixing or diverting)

Flow Characteristic:

Two-way: Equal percentage for models with parabolic insert, linear for full port models

Three-way: Equal percentage ports A-to-AB and linear ports B-to-AB

Leakage Rating: ANSI Class IV (0.01% of Cv)

Maximum Closeoff Pressure:

Two-way 1/2" and 3/4": 130 psid (897 kPa)

Two-way 1" to 3": 100 psid (690 kPa)

Three-way 1/2" to 1": 50 psid (345 kPa)

Three-way 1-1/4" to 2-1/2": 40 psid (276 kPa)

Materials Of Construction:

Two-way: Forged brass body (ASTM B283), nickel-plated brass (two-way or three-way) ball and stem, EPDM o-ring stem seals and EPDM with reinforced Teflon® bass seals

Two-way: 316 stainless steel ball and stem

Media Compatibility: Hot or chilled water, up to 50% glycol

Media Temperature Range: -22° to 250°F (-30° to 121°C)

Compatible Actuators: Any Honeywell or Kele 44 in-lb non-spring return or spring return actuator will operate all VBN2, VBN3 assemblies up to 3"

Pressure Rating: 360 psig (2482 kPa) @ 250°F (121°C)

Operating Temperature:

with MN actuators: -5° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)

with MS actuators: -40° to 150°F (-40° to 65°C)

with MVN actuators: -4° to 131°F (-20° to 55°C)

Warranty: 5 years

product series features

  • Parabolic flow insert constructed into the ball
  • Cv ratings similar to globe valves
  • Three-way body pattern similar to globe valves
  • Low torque means smaller, lower cost actuators
  • Common mounting bracket
  • Removable manual override handle
  • Flexible bracket orientation
  • Plenum rated
  • Available with or without actuator
  • Nema 3R option available

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Series Description

The VBN2 and VBN3 Series are Honeywell's characterized flow, low-torque, two-, and three-way ball valves. They are designed to provide Cv ratings that closely match industry-standard globe valves, and they have equal percentage flow characteristics. A single-style bracket maximizes simplicity and flexibility in mounting spring or non-spring return actuators. The valve bodies are 1/2 in. to 3 in. NPT sizes and use low-torque, low-cost actuators.

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