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OpenAir GND Series Electric Damper Actuator, rotary, spring return, 53 lb-in (6 Nm), 230 Vac, 2-position control, 15 sec run time, Fire/Smoke, dual auxiliary switches. Designed for UL Listed Smoke Control Dampers and for Combination Fire/Smoke Rated Dampers.

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product specifications

Supply Voltage

230 VAC


53 in-lb

Supply Va

20 VA

Control Signal

2 Position

product series specifications

    Power Consumption:
  • GGD Running: 150 VA; Holding: 10 VA
  • GND Running: 20VA/12W; Holding: 8VA/6W; Holding(120VAC): 9VA
    Running Torque:
  • GGD 142 lb-in (16 Nm)
  • GND 53 lb-in (6 Nm) (minimum)
    Minimum Stall Torque:
  • GGD 350 lb-in (39 Nm)
  • GND 160 lb-in (18 Nm)
    Torque Reduction at Elevated Temperature:
  • Less than 10%
    Runtime for 90°:
  • Operating with Motor at 60 Hz 15 seconds nominal
  • Closing (On Power Loss) with Spring Return 15 seconds maximum
    Manual Override:
  • Yes
    Life Expectancy:
  • 30,000 full cycles
    Auxilliary Switch:
  • 2-SPST, 24VDC, 24VAC to 250VAC, 6A resistive, 2 FLA/LRA (optional)
    Shaft Diameter:
  • GGD 3/8‚Ä= to 1‚Ä= (8 to 2.56 cm)
  • GGD221.3U 1.05‚Ä= max (2.66 cm)
  • GND 0.5‚Ä= (1.27 cm) round
    Minimum Shaft Length:
  • 0.75" (2.0 cm)
    Enclosure Rating:
  • NEMA 1
    Housing Material:
  • Die cast aluminum alloy
    Operating Temperature:
  • 0° to 130‚Ñâ (-18° to 55‚ÑÉ);
  • One time 350‚Ñâ (177‚ÑÉ) for 1/2 hour (per UL555S)
    Storage Temperature:
  • -25° to 158°F (-32° to 70°C)
  • Maximum 95% RH non-condensing
    Pre-Cabled Connection:
  • 18 AWG
  • See dimensions table
  • 4.8 lbs (2.2 kg)
  • 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg)
    Agency Certification:
  • UL listed to UL873, cUL certified to Canadian standard C22.2 No. 24-93
  • 2 years

product series features

  • Reversible fail-safe spring return for CCW, CW rotation in the same actuator
  • Patented built-in electronic fusible link
  • Fast, 15-second operation
  • 2 year warranty

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Series Description

The Siemens GND, GGD Series fire/smoke damper actuators are spring return, 2-position, 15 second actuators designed to operate UL Listed smoke control dampers and combination fire/smoke dampers. The GND Series has 53 in-lb (6 Nm) of torque and the more powerful GGD Series has 142 in-lb (16 Nm) of torque. These actuators have patented built-in electronic fusible links; there is no need to buy/install separate parts to perform that function.

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