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14 X 12 DAMPER

Brand:Ruskin Manufacturing

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product specifications



product series specifications

  • 4‚Ä=, 5‚Ä=, 6‚Ä=, 7‚Ä=, 8‚Ä=, 9‚Ä=, (10‚Ä= to 24‚Ä= even)
  • Round, single-blade, 90° rotation
  • Length 7‚Ä= (17.8 cm)
  • Diameter 1/2‚Ä= (1.3 cm)
    Actuator Bracket:
  • Opt. galvanized or stainless steel, 5.5"W x 9.3"L (to shaft center)
    Operating Torque:
  • (4xD") + 20 in-lb (with seals); (1.5xD") + 20 in-lb (without seals)
    Maximum Static Pressure:
  • 4‚Ä= to 6‚Ä= 10" WC
  • 7‚Ä= to 12‚Ä= 8" WC
  • >12‚Ä= 6" WC
    Maximum Velocity:
  • 4000 ft/min (28.5 m/s)
    Leakage Class:
  • with Seals AMCA Class 1
    without Seals:
  • 1.4% to 5.5% of maximum flow
    Blade Seals:
  • Optional (See ordering)
  • Galvanized 20-gauge steel
  • Stainless steel
    Blade Design:
  • Riveted double-layer galvanized steel, full blade neoprene seals (standard, others optional)
    Operating Temperature:
  • -50° to 250‚Ñâ (-46° to 121‚ÑÉ)
  • 4" through 24" diameter, 7‚Ä= frame length
  • Approximately 1 lb per inch diameter
  • 1 year

product series features

  • Round sizes from 4 in to 24 in
  • Velocities up to 4000 FPM
  • Neoprene blade seal standard
  • 20-gauge frame
  • Two-ply blade, strength equivalent to 14-gauge steel

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Series Description

The Ruskin CDRS25 Series round damper frames are made of 20-gauge welded, galvanized steel, 7 in length. Blades are double-skin galvanized steel, strength-equivalent to 14-gauge steel but lighter to handle. Shaft extensions are 1/2 in diameter with stainless-steel bearings for long-life damper actuation. Standard neoprene blade edge seals offer superior low-leakage performance. Optional aluminum or stainless-steel construction is available, as well as an actuator mounting bracket.

Kele Description

14 X 12 DAMPER


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