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This Crank Arm Kit allows a direct-coupled actuator to provide an auxiliary linear drive. This kit can be used to simultaneously drive a set of opposing or adjacent dampers with a single Actuator This kit can be used with OpenAir GCA, GBB and GIB damper actuators.

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product specifications


Crank Arm

product series specifications

    Input Impedance:
  • GXA161.1P, GNP191.1P 100k‚Ѷ @ 0/2-10VDC
  • GXA151.1P 100k‚Ѷ @ 0/2-10VDC, 500‚Ѷ @ 4-20ma
  • Brushless DC
    Life Expectancy:
  • 60,000 cycles, 100,000 full stroke cycles, 7,000,000 repositions (GNP)
  • 95°
    Manual Override:
  • Manual crank (except GQD), Disengage button (GNP)
    Operating Temperature:
  • -25° to 130°F (-32° to 55°C),
  • 0° to 122°F (-18° to 50°C) (GNP)
    Operating Humidity:
  • 5 to 95% RH non-condensing
  • Brushless DC
  • 3 ft (1.0 m), 18 AWG standard cable (.1U models), 3 ft (1.0 m), 18 AWG plenum cable (.1P models) See notes in Ordering Information for plenum option
    Conduit Connections:
  • 1/2‚Ä= NSPT (GCA, GMA only)
  • 100 Steps
  • <40 db @ 3' (1m)
    Input Impedance:
  • 100k‚Ѷ @ 0/2-10VDC
  • 500‚Ѷ @ 4-20ma
  • UL File #E35198, CE, plenum rated
  • 2 years

product series features

  • Self-centering shaft coupling
  • Brushless DC motor technology
  • Rugged, lightweight housings

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Series Description

The Siemens GMA and GCA Series direct-coupled spring-return actuators can control a complete range of HVAC spring-return damper applications. Each spring-return damper actuator is available in either 62 in-lb (7 Nm) torque, handling approximately 16 sq ft of damper area, or 160 in-lb (18 Nm) torque, handling approximately 40 sq ft of damper area. These damper actuators are available in all standard control signal types and offer a wide variety of options and accessories for building automation systems, BAS, applications.

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