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Lightning Arrester 392-SVSR2

Lightning Arrester


The Lighting Arrester Model 392-SVSR2 is a two-pair gas tube lightning arrester in a plastic outdoor enclosure. It protects the communication lines that run between buildings against high voltage transients caused by motors, transmitters, lightning, etc. Transients can be harmful, and even capable of destroying building automation systems. It is recommended that the Model 392-SVSR2 be used at all points where communication cables exit or enter a building. To protect low voltage communications inputs on Building Automation Systems, this device should be used in conjunction with an appropriate voltage level surge protector such as a Model DTK-2LVLP.


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Impulse Breakdown:

@100/V/μsec :300-750V

DC Holder :150 VDC extinguishing in less than 150 ms

Insulation Resistance:

(initial):>100 MΩ

Capacitance :5 pF

Impulse Life Specification Rated Heavy-Duty :80% survival to 400 surges of 500A

AC Discharge:

Current :65A, 11 cycle, 60 Hz

End-Of-Life Limits:

 :Insulation Resistance <1 MΩ

 :DC Breakdown Voltage <180V

 :Impulse Breakdown Voltage >900V

Vented (back-up):

 :DC Breakdown Voltage <1600V (100-200 avg)

Max Single:

 :Impulse Discharge Current 10 kA, 8 x 20 μsec surge

Dimensions:3.5″H x 3.75″W x 2.5″D

 :(8.9 x 9.5 x 6.4 cm)

Weight :0.85 lb (0.39 kg)

Approvals:UL listed File #E2332


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