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MP953 Series

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MP953 Series

Pneumatic Globe Valve Actuators MP953 Series

Pneumatic Globe Valve Actuators


The Honeywell MP953 Series pneumatic globe valve actuators operate Honeywell V5011, V5013 (threaded) and VGF (flanged) Series valves to provide proportional control of steam or hot water or cold water in HVAC systems.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
14002040-002 DIAPHRAGM FOR MP95 In Stock68.0054.40
14003102-001 REPLACEMENT TOP FOR VP526 In Stock59.0047.20
14004932-001 VP VALVE ADAPTER RETRO ELECT In Stock135.00108.00
MP953C1000 PNEU VLV ACT 5" DIA,2-7 PSI,3/4" STR,N/UP In Stock184.00147.20
MP953C1018 PNEU VLV ACT 5" DIA,8-12 PSI,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO184.00147.20
MP953C1026 PNEU VLV ACT 5" DIA,4-11 PSI,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO184.00147.20
MP953C1067 PNEU VLV ACT 8" DIA,2-7 PSI,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO697.00557.60
MP953C1075 PNEU VLV ACT 8" DIA,8-12 PSI,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO697.00557.60
MP953C1083 PNEU VLV ACT 8" DIA,4-11 PSI,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO697.00557.60
MP953C1471 PNEU VLV ACT 13" DIA,2-7 PSI,1 1/2" STR,N/UP INFO1,916.001,532.80
MP953C1489 PNEU VLV ACT 13" DIA,4-11 PSI,1 1/2" STR,N/UP INFO1,916.001,532.80
MP953C1547 PNEU VLV ACT 8 DIA, 3-15 PSI, 1-1/2 STR, N/UP INFO1,859.001,487.20
MP953C1554 PNEU VLV ACT 13" DIA,2-7 PSI,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO1,878.001,502.40
MP953C1562 PNEU VLV ACT 13" DIA,4-11 PSI,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO1,859.001,487.20
MP953D1107 PNEU VLV ACT 7 1/8" DIA,8-13 PSI,3/4" STR,N/DW INFO697.00557.60
MP953D1107/U ACT/PNEU/8-13 PSI SPRING RANGE INFO669.00535.20
MP953D1131 PNEU VLV ACT 7 1/8" DIA,4-11 PSI,3/4" STR,N/DW INFO697.00557.60
MP953D1172 PNEU VLV ACT 7 1/8" DIA,3-7 PSI,3/4" STR,N/DWN INFO704.00563.20
MP953E1301 PNEU VLV ACT 5" DIA,3 PSI W/POS,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO651.00520.80
MP953E1319 PNEU VLV ACT 5" DIA,5 PSI W/POS,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO705.00564.00
MP953E1327 PNEU VLV ACT 5" DIA,10 PSI W/POS,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO663.00530.40
MP953E1368 PNE V ACT 8 DIA 3 PSI W/POS 3/4 STRK N/UP INFO941.00752.80
MP953E1376 PNEU VLV ACT 8" DIA,5 PSI W/POS,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO934.00747.20
MP953E1384 PNEU VLV ACT 8" DIA,10 PSI W/POS,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO941.00752.80
MP953E1400 PNEU VLV ACT 13" DIA,5 PSI W/POS,1 1/2" STR,N/UP INFO6,020.004,816.00
MP953E1418 PNEU VLV ACT 13" DIA,10 PSI W/POS,1 1/2" STR,N/UP INFO3,034.002,427.20
MP953E1443 PNEU VLV ACT 13" DIA,10 PSI W/POS,3/4" STR,N/UP INFO2,989.002,391.20
MP953F1093 PNE V ACT 7 1/8 DIA 3 PSI W/POS 3/4 STRK N/DWN INFO1,296.001,036.80
MP953F1101 PNEU VLV ACT 7 1/8" DIA,5 PSI W/POS,3/4" STR,NDWN INFO1,296.001,036.80
MP953F1119 PNE V ACT 7 1/8 DIA 10 PSI W/POS 3/4 STRK N/DWN INFO1,296.001,036.80


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  • Rolling diaphragm for long life and low hysteresis
  • Easily attached to valve
  • May be installed after piping valve
  • Slide lock feature permits simple engagement to stem
  • Direct or reverse-action control
  • Models available with pilot positioner

Operating Temperature:

 :MP953C/E 160℉ (71℃) maximum diaphragm temperature

 :MP953D/F 248℉ (120℃) maximum diaphragm temperature

Maximum Pressure:25 psi (172 kPa)


 :MP953C - 5" 2.0 lb (0.9 kg)

 :MP953C - 8" 6.7 lb (3.0 kg)

 :MP953C - 13" 22.4 lb (10.2 kg)

 :MP953D - 7″ 5.2 lb (2.4 kg)

 :MP953E - 5" 3.7 lb (1.7 kg)

 :MP953E - 8" 8.6 lb (3.9 kg)

 :MP953E - 13" 24.4 lb (11.1 kg)

 :MP953F - 7″ 8.0 lb (3.6 kg)

Warranty:1 year