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Sentry Switch


The SS Series Sentry Switch is a unique UL listed replacement device for a 120V or 277V standard or three-way wall switch. It provides the capability of centrally sweeping off overhead lighting automatically, then allowing local override at every switch location. The installed switches are centrally swept off by means of momentarily interrupting the supply voltage at the lighting circuit breaker panel to the controlled lighting circuits. The SS Series, installed in place of the standard wall switches, senses this momentary interruption (five seconds) of the power source, and then physically unlatches, dropping to the off position.When in the off position, the switch toggles illuminate, allowing them to be easily identified for after-hours override of lights. This feature allows unnecessary lighting to be turned off after hours and turned off ahead of and behind janitorial and maintenance crews.Different schedules can be programmed for weekend occupancy. When used in place of conventional wall switches, the SS Series system will allow the building operator to control after-hours lighting automatically.Tenant comfort and acceptance is assured by having override available at any time, from any switch, for only that particular area. Substantial power savings will be realized, not only from containing after-hours use, but also because lighting will not be turned on the following morning until that particular office or area is physically occupied.


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Supply Voltage:120V, 240V or 277V (No neutral required)

Communications Protocol:

Switch Rating:Standard wall switch on/off operation

 :SS 20277 SPST, 1.5A to 20A @120-277 VAC

 :SS 05277 SPST, 1.5A or less @120-277 VAC

 :SS 23277 SPDT, 1A min to 20A max @120-277 VAC

Dimming Load (Opt -D):

Special Features:Resets “OFF” when power is interrupted for >5 sec.

Data line Connection:


Motion Input:

Switch Buttons:

Egress Time Delay:An off pulse of < 3 seconds tells occupants of impending all lights "OFF"

Status indication:Switch ILLuminates when "OFF"

Operating Temperature:32° to 131℉ (0° to 55℃)

Operating Humidity:20% to 95% non-condensing

Wiring Terminations:Push-in wire clips, 14 AWG to 12 AWG wire

Wire Interconnection:

Mounting:Typical vertical single gang switch box, No plate included

Color:Clear toggle matches any plate color

Enclosure Rating:Indoor only

Dimensions:2.78″W x 4.5″H x 1.5″D (xxxx cm)

Card Slot:

Weight:0.3 lb. (0.14 Kg)

Approvals:UL and cUL Listed

Warranty:5 years


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